5 Reasons You Need A Trezor Wallet

5 Reasons You Need A Trezor Wallet />


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As cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, move into the mainstream, many people are starting to get involved in the rush to invest in this new form of money.

Without any traditional banks to store the cryptocurrencies, online wallets have emerged as a way to keep the money safe. There are many different types of wallets available. These include:

  • Paper Wallets
  • Online Wallets
  • Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets, such as Trezor, are considered to be the most secure place to store your assets. This because the contents are stored offline, which protects digital assets and data against theft.

But this does not solve the problem of first-time investors choice. After all, there are a number of different hardware options from which to choose.

To help you decide which wallet is right for you, we have put together 5 reasons why you need the Trezor Wallet.

1. Simple to Set up

Many people are put off by the complicated setup process of many wallets. They simply conclude that they're not worth the stress.

However, with Trezor Wallet you can make sure that the entire installation process of the unit goes smoothly.

It doesn't matter if you have absolutely no experience of hardware wallets, you won't have any trouble with setting up Trezor.

The set up takes just a few minutes. And in the unusual circumstances that you run into problems, you can always contact Trezor for support.

2. Easy to Use

After you've set up the hardware wallet in under 5 minutes, you'll be wondering if it's easy to use.

Despite what many people have heard about hardware wallets, they really aren't complicated to use either.

The popularity of Trezor is partly because it's so easy to use. It includes a display and two buttons to operate it.

The display shows transactions and instructions, whereas the two buttons are used to confirm or deny a transaction.

3. Recover Your Assets

One of the most important parts of ensuring that your money is safe and secure is recovery.

With Trezor you can be sure that you will be able to recover your accounts with ease in case of theft or loss.

Also with Trezor, nobody can steal your Bitcoins or your private keys without your recovery seeds. This means that even if something terrible happens, you won't lose out.

4. Security

While there are many hardware wallets out there, Trezor has a reputation for being one of the most secure. This is due to many of Trezor's high protection features that make it very difficult to be a victim of theft.

As a hardware wallet, your private keys and digital assets are not stored on the internet. This is why hardware is much more secure.

However, with Trezor, you also have to key in a code every time you use the unit. Without this code, nobody can get anywhere near your assets.

And finally, Trezor includes a 24-word recovery seed as a backup. While the key protection feature is the 25th word of the passphrase. This is what holds the key to all of your data and assets. So make sure you don't forget it.

5. Compatible With Your Devices

The final reason to get the Trezor wallet is that it's compatible with your existing devices. This includes Windows, OS X and Linux.

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Are you looking for a wallet to store and manage your Bitcoins? Trezor is easy to use and set up and the most secure wallet on the market.

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