A Man Related to BTC-E is Arrested in Greece

A Man Related to BTC-E  is Arrested in Greece />


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According to Reuters news, a Russian caught in Greece on suspicion of operating a money laundering activity through a Bitcoin platform, His name is Alexander Vinnik, a 38-year-old male, police sources said on Wed.

One founder of BTC-E is arrestedHe is believed of running a criminal organization since 2011 that "owns, operates and manages one of the world's leading e-crime websites", police said in a statement. Source

As reported by Greek police, part of the suspect's unlawful profits came from the breakdown in 2014 of Japan-based Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox. A California court in the US issued a warrant for his criminal arrest in January, they said.

Afaik, who is one of the leaders of BTC-E, is apparently named Alexander.

After taking a closer look, it seemed we could assume the exchange was based in Cyprus. The terms of use on BTC-E's website stated the exchange was governed by the laws applicable in Cyprus. However, when looking up the website through Google, the description says BTC-e operates from Bulgaria. Neither could be proven so these discoveries won’t bring any more clarity. The only certainty, as far as certainty about BTC-e goes, would be the involvement of Russia. BTC-e’s helpdesk releases periodic updates, presented in Russian and English. The presence of Russian currency on the website also indicate this. A December interview with CoinDesk, one of the few interviews BTC-e ever did, gave away the names of Aleksey and Alexander. Both are names that are well represented in Russia. Source by Cryptocoinsnews

According to Northern District of California, Russian National And Bitcoin Exchange Charged In 21-Count Indictment For Running Alleged International Money Washing Scheme And Allegedly Washing Funds From Hack Of Mt. Gox.

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