Bitcoin Cash Wil be Supported by Ledger & Trezor

Bitcoin Cash Wil be Supported by Ledger & Trezor />


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Trezor apparently supports the Bitcoin Cash like other crypto currencies such as ETC and others.

Trezor outlined this on its blog. "We will offer an interface, available on their Wallet, in which you can obtain and safely request your Bitcoin Cash. After you select Bitcoin Cash from the currency selection menu, you will be will be prompted by the Wallet. You can then use Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash side by side." They said "Trezor can support the currency safely".

Before replay protections were applied Ledger Wallet were introduced the support of Bitcoin Cash.

If your Bitcoins are kept in a Ledger hardware wallet, you will automatically enjoy an additional BCC balance (same amount as your BTC balance) after the activation of the fork. Their Chrome app will also offer a BTC/BCC selector after Aug 1 2017.