Digital Bitbox Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

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Digital Bitbox
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Digital Bitbox is an USB, plug-and-play bitcoin hardware wallet loaded with security and privacy. You can safely store and spend your coins with peace of mind by this device.

The on-board microcontroller generates a wallet (BIP32) making use of a high-quality hardware random number generator. The built in slot for a micro SD card enables offline backup and data recovery. There is no need to reveal your wallet while typing on a computer keyboard or showing recovery information on the screen, causing it susceptible to the hacker by key logging, cameras and screen capture tools. Different from other hardware wallets, you can make a backup of your wallet at at any time and as often as you want. Also switching between different wallets is in a snap.

Hence, external entropy is included with the hardware random number generator in 2 approaches. 1st, to remove the need to trust the hardware device, some entropy is created by us by using random bytes set during the factory installation. In order to remove the need to entrust us, some more is automatically collected from you when typing your device security password. If that is not sufficient, you can easily load up your own keys via the micro SD slot or the USB interface.

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