Ledger Nano S
Ledger Nano S


Ledger Blue
Ledger Blue


Ledger Wallet is among the most secure and easy-to-use Bitcoin wallets you can find on the market. Ledger Wallet is a smart-card built Bitcoin cryptocurrency device wallet providing highest security to your bitcoins without limiting simplicity or control.

There is absolutely not any such thing as complete safety, but the aim of hardware wallets would be to create any possible attack harder and resource-intensive. Ledger is no exception and was made to leave attacks impractical by increasing the bar.

The 1st product of Ledger Wallet was a type of USB drive, using smart-card safety, in a really compact design, and it is called Ledger Nano, which you would unlock with a PIN. But what happens in the event of losing it? Your bitcoins are still securely protected because you will need a private key to spend your bitcoins. You can, of course, recover your wallet and also transfer the bitcoins to a different wallet.

To put it differently, Ledger Wallet also implements a couple of processes for you to access your assets, including a physical factor such as a physical button to confirm. And even when your PC is contaminated by the virus or spyware, hackers cannot break in your bitcoins since the most significant part, PIN code must be executed in your wallet by the people who hold the device.

Ledger Blue wallet is the 2nd creation of Ledger. It has an inbuilt touchscreen, supports Bluetooth, USB and NFC connection and utilises the identical mechanics since the Ledger's previous wallet. It also supports other digital money, not like the Ledger Nano.

Ledger wallet is very good value for money. Nano is the next generation of Ledger Nano and one of cheapest Bitcoin hardware wallets, meaning it's going to attract people who wish to securely store Bitcoin but do not wish to spend a lot of money on safety and everyday bitcoin use.

You can buy Ledger Nano S here in Australia and we are a Ledger authorised Australia reseller. All of our Ledger wallets are securely sealed and imported directly from the Manufacturer of Ledger.