Trezor Model T
Trezor Model T


Trezor One
Trezor One


Trezor is the most secure way to store your bitcoins and trusted. Isolate your keys Safety of TREZOR and revel in Bitcoin. The protection at no cost convenience.

Trezor is a lot more than just a bulletproof Cryptocurrency hardware wallet, it is, in addition, a security & reliable device connected by USB for passwords, accounts and emails against cyber hacker to steal your assets.

Quick setup

Get your TREZOR prepared within minutes in an entirely private procedure.

Easy to Use

The usage of TREZOR is very easy. Follow the on-screen instructions and use the button to confirm activities.

Lost? Restore

No problem at all, use your pre-setup words to regain access history, money, emails and accounts.

You need to Link your TREZOR to the computer or mobile phone and follow the instructions. The little device has two buttons, Either to affirm or to deny the activity, so using TREZOR is very simple. Bitcoin users can write down the secret key of your TREZOR to a piece of paper so that you can recover the access to all your cryptocurrencies in the event of disaster, loss or theft.

The Bitcoin protocol works by sending notes of payment on the Internet. These messages known as transactions are signed using a unique algorithm. So as to sign a Bitcoin transaction, you need a password or a key. TREZOR holds that key. Because the job of TREZOR is to help you sign Transaction You can think as a day stamp of your TREZOR.

We are an Australia reseller authorised by Trezor. All hardware wallets are imported legally from the manufacturer of Trezor in France.